There was an idea

Hello friends! Welcome to my first post about Next.Land game. Please, let me introduce myself first. My name is Juraj Rolko, I am a software developer and I am running a little software company. I am just a regular guy who is interested in computers and new technologies.

How it all began?

Years ago, I started experimenting with 3D graphics. I always like to try new things and I always try to find a purpose for my work. That's the reason why Next.Land is a real game and not just only a technology demo preview.

My first game attempt was a project called SecondWorld. It was based on Flash and PaperVision3D framework. In the year 2014 I have discovered Three.js, outstanding WebGL javascript library. I was surprised how easy is to create cool looking 3D animations using this framework. Especially for a developer with not that much experience with 3D graphics like me. When I realized the great possibilities of making nice 3D applications running entirely in a web browser, I went full throttle.

What is Next.Land?

Next.Land is a free-to-play multiplayer city building and management game. My intention was to create a simple casual game. There are many many other games you can play for hours a day. I think your time is valuable and I don't want you to give it away only because of video games.

As far as I know, a game like Next.Land does not exist. If I have to compare this game to an existing one that I know, I will probably choose Monopoly City Streets. Basically, the gameplay is quite similar.

Gameplay basics

Simply put, you are buying buildings that generate an income for you, then you are buying more buildings and so. Slowly, step by step, expand your real estate imperium this way. It is a race to the top. You want to reach the top positions on scoreboards.
I think that one very attractive feature of this game is the integration of real world elements. You play on the map with a real 3D terrain and infrastructure. Real buildings, roads, rivers, forests. All these objects make your gaming experience more intense.

What's next?

In the next articles I will tell you more about the basic gameplay. I will try to explain the purpose of the crowdfunding campaigns and finally, I am going to publish regular articles about the development progress, new features, optimizations and testing results.

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