Crowdfunding campaigns and rewards

Hi folks! This is another article about Next.Land game. Let's talk about funding today. I want to clarify the reason and purpose of my crowdfunding campaigns and I want to also describe some other funding options.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is very popular way to help many projects become successful. It brings a ton of benefits to the people who use it, whether to raise funds for the idea or gather helpful feedback. Crowdfunding is very often mistaken for a donation. It is not true. Is is more like a pre-order of some products or services. The difference is, that the primary intention of contributors/backers is to help some project become real, finished or successful.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Without a doubt, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. I want to start Indiegogo campaign first. It is a better choice for me, because Indiegogo has less restrictions for projects. It is also my first crowdfunding attempt and I know it will not be perfect. Based on the experience from Indiegogo campaing I will launch Kickstarter campaign next.

What's the reason?

It is really simple. I want to promote Next.Land. I can create a perfect game, but it is useless if nobody knows about it. Next.Land is a MMO game so I need to create a wide player base. More players, more feedback, more feedback, a better game. An additional reason is money of course. It would be pathetic to pretend I don't like to raise funds in the campaigns. Developing a game is a costly business. I have already invested a lot of resources into this project and I will keep doing this. With your help, however, I will be able to obtain a better computer and network infrastructure and provide a better game performance.

What's the deal?

I definitely don't want Next.Land to be a pay to win game, but contributors deserve a reward for sure. For you support in the crowdfunding campaigns you can select from two types of rewards. There is 5$ silver premium account or 10$ gold premium account ready for you. I want to keep rewards very simple. I think 10$ support is generous enough and there is no reason to offer higher rewards.

Silver - $5

Gold - $10

Increased player limits
Boost to player basic statistics
Premium building skins
Your name in the credit section
Pre-launch name booking
Pre-launch property booking
Free voting points

More detailed description

Exact reward details will be revealed later. All depends on the player based. I will adjust the limits to keep balance between premium and non premium accounts to reduce possible pay-to-win attributes.

  • Increased player limits - Your base limits for total building count and mass will be increased. You will be able to buy slightly more buildings or bigger buildings.
  • Boost to player basic statistics - Your base personal stats will be increased. You will start with a bonus to your statistics. Also you get a fixed level you can't drop below.
  • Premium building skins - Access to the premium building skins for your property customization. This makes your game experience even more personal. Premium skins really don't affect the gameplay and the contest. They are just used to make your buildings looking better.
  • Your name in the credit section - You can be displayed as a game backer in the credit section. This is my thanks for your support. I want it to be memorized. Of course, you can choose, if you want to be displayed or not.
  • Pre-launch name booking - Reserve your in-game name before the official release. For MMO games there is always high demand for good looking names. Make sure you get yours before the game goes live.
  • Pre-launch property booking - You will be able to lock several buildings to be available only for you when the game is officially released. This is probably even more important than name booking. You would like to play in your favored area with buildings you like the most.
  • Free voting points - You will be able to vote for various in-game events or proposals. This will be important in the later phase of the game. The intention of Voting Points is to allow players to make area wide decisions. For example permission to demolish a building, changing area zones, changing tax levels and many more.

Where your money go?

All funds raised by the crowdfunding campaigns will be used primary for computer and network infrastructure. I can't be more specific, because I have absolutely no idea how popular Next.Land will be.

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