Crowdfunding is very popular way to help many projects become successful. It brings a ton of benefits to the people who use it, whether to raise funds for the idea or gather helpful feedback from backers. Without a doubt, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most popular crowdfunding platforms today. For Next.Land this is a perfect way how to ask great community of backers for help. Video games, especially massive multiplayer online games are really difficult to maintain. Without any help it will be very hard to provide comfortable flawless gaming experience for you. In exchange for your support you can select a reward.

As the only developer of Next.Land I am doing everything I can, to bring you a new enjoyable game. With the growing popularity of the game, costs can skyrocket to the levels that can be difficult to handle by myself and without your help. With some concern I am watching few examples of abusing crowdfunding campaigns. I don't like it. In order to show you I am serious with this project, I am trying to provide you as much information as possible. If you have any doubts about the project credibility, please reconsider your financial support. It is perfectly fine if you just enjoy Next.Land as a free player.
Thank you for your support!



If you have eventually decided to support Next.Land by using the crowdfunding campaigns, you can select between Kickstarter and Indiegogo platform. Both campaigns are set to fixed goal. That means, they will be successful only if the goal limit is reached. For all backers there are two types of rewards ready to select from. You can see more details in the "Rewards" section.

Indiegogo is a very popular platform. It is not as popular as Kickstarter, but it is a better choice to use it as the "starter" one. Because of less restrictions it is easier to start a project on Indiegogo, especially for developers outside the United States or the United Kingdom.

The goal of successful campaign is set to 8.000,-$
Result: campaign restart

Kickstarter is the world most popular crowdfunding platform. With the results and feedbacks from the previous campaign it will be possible to make improvements and make this one even more accessible.

The goal of successful campaign is set to 8.000,-$
The campaign will last 30 days

It is very possible that the game will be released even if the crowdfunding campaigns are not going to be successful. Feedback, new ideas from people and the player base prediction will be deciding factors.


For your support

Next.Land is a free-to-play game. You don't need to pay anything to get full, unrestricted gaming experience. If you still want to support the game, you can choose between silver and gold premium account as a crowdfunding campaign reward. To keep it really simple, only these two types have been set. Backers will receive perks but the game will never be pay to win.

Silver premium account
$ 5

Gold premium account
$ 10

Increased player limits
Your base limits for the total building count and mass will be increased.
Boost to player basic statistics
Your base personal stats will be increased.
Premium building skins
Access to the premium building skins for your property customization.
Your name in the credit section
You can be displayed as a game backer in the credit section (optional).
Pre-launch name booking
Reserve your in-game name before the official release.
Pre-launch property booking
You will be able to lock several buildings to be available only for you when the game is officially released.
Free voting points
You will be able to vote for various in-game events or proposals.

Reward is available

Reward is not available


where your money go

All funds raised by the crowdfunding campaigns will be used primary for computer and network infrastructure. With a solid server performance the game will be able to run without issues. Below you can see some basic distribution of your money raised in the campaigns.

server performance
Provide optimal server computing performance and sufficient bandwidth.
hardware equipment
All the necessary hardware needed mainly for testing and optimization.
game development
Expenses related to the development process. Software licenses, outsourced services and others.
All additional unexpected costs.

Without a knowledge of the player base, it is hard to predict real computing performance requirements. Insufficient server performance could disappoint many players and ruin the gameplay completely.

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