If you don't find answers to your questions, you can browse the list of frequently asked questions divided into several categories. You can also search for more information in the developer blog. Some articles explain the origins of the project, gameplay mechanisms, development progress and goals.

General questions

what you need to now

What is the release date?

What are the basic requirements to run this game?

Does the game support mobile devices?

Why don't you have a facebook account?

Game purchase

what you need to now

How much will I pay for the game?

Where can I download the game?

How do you want to keep this game running without pays?

So is this another pay-to-win game?


what you need to now

What is the basic gamestyle?

How do you want to eliminate a stereotype?

Why there are buildings missing?

Are any locations better than others?

How can I improve the game performance?

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