Next.Land is a free multiplayer city building game. This tycoon, business simulation game is designed to be a joy to play. Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. All the main game elements are objects from the real world. Play in the actual world locations with an accurate 3D terrain. Choose your home city or any other location you like. This feature makes your game experience more intense and more personal. Invite friends or join an open game to build real estate empire and crush your opponents. Join Next.Land and become a Real Estate Tycoon.

casual gameplay
Play only few minutes a day. Games should be fun, not a full time job. Use your web browser to play, don't bother with installations or downloads.
real world locations
Interact with game elements from the real world. Real 3D terrain, buildings, roads, rivers, forests, oceans and more. Play in the area you like the most.
play online
Make new friends online. Chat, trade, cooperate or compete with other players and reach the top of the leaderboards.
free for everybody
Try Next.Land without restrictions. It is a free-to-play game. Use your hard-earned money for more important things than the video games.

Next.Land is still under development and it is coming in 2017

Until the release date, you can explore the game in the demo preview and become familiar with the basic gameplay features. You can visit more than 30 predefined demo locations. Make a quick survey and find out whether this game might be fun for you.


basic features of the game

The gameplay should be easy. No complicated game mechanics that will force you to spend hours playing a video game. Next.Land best fits for players that like strategy and management games. Every aspect of the gameplay is still under development and will be improved over time. The game is designed for you and your feedback is very important. You decide how the game will look like at final. After the release date you can enjoy regular expansions with new gaming mechanics. Improved trading system and simple microeconomics are already under development.

tycoon, business simulation, real world, low-poly graphics

Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. Enjoy simple, neat, low polygon design art. Interaction with elements from the real world makes your gaming experience extraordinary.

simple low poly gpraphics simple graphics

building purchase building purchase

real city real locations

develop your world, play minigames, compete on the leaderboards

Upgrade and maintain your properties, apply skins and get bonuses. Accomplish different tasks by playing minigames, enhance your progress, increase your income, improve your ranking, buy special buildings and more. Become a world class investor your way.

building skin selection building skins

playing the minigame minigames

leaderboard leaderboards

Short video presentation

In this video you can see a short game introduction. Subscribe to the Next.Land YouTube channel to keep up to date on new features and progress.

Demo gameplay and restrictions

The demo is primarily focused on the area exploration, map controls and the user interface. Explore more than 30 locations from all around the world. You can test basic mechanisms of building purchase, changing skins, tracking your personal statistics and progress.

Please note that this demo has a very limited gameplay. It is more like an early alpha preview of the game. It uses dummy data and many features are not available yet. You are playing as a demo user "Homer". This demo user account is shared among all the players. That's the reason why all your actions are only temporary and you are not allowed to do any permanent changes.


under the hood

Next.Land is based on the 3 core technologies and services. Three.js is used for running the game entirely in a web browser. OpenStreetMap - OSM provides all necessary map data used in the game such as buildings, roads, rivers, forests and many more. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - SRTM allows to display real 3D terrain by providing the accurate elevation data of the entire planet. Of course, many other wonderful 3rd party tools and resources are used in the game.

Three.js to show 3D in the web browser.
This awesome lightweight 3D library is used as a WebGL game engine to display nice 3D graphics directly in your web browser.

OpenStreetMap to show the real map data.
Map data acquired from this great open source project are used in the game. Every building, every road, every single element is from this source.

SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission to show real 3D terrain.
This project spearheaded by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) collected topographic data over nearly 80 percent of Earth's land surfaces. With this dataset it is possible to display fairly accurate 3D terrain.

Very important are also other 3rd party tools and resources. With them the game can look better, run faster and have more options to show.

javascript library
Font Awesome
really awesome icons
jQuery UI
user interface javascript library
CSS tooltip library
simple HTML5 charts
polygon triangulation library
jQuery color picker plugin
Google maps API
map service by Google
Material icons
and easy to use icons


key events of the project

Year 2012

The idea was born
The early beginnings of the game development

End of 2014

Using of three.js
First experiments with this WebGL framework.

Year 2015

Game development
Gameplay mechanics, user interface, data processing.

Early 2016

Finishing the playable demo.
The development process continues.

July 2016

Launching campaigns on indiegogo and kickstarter

Early 2017

Game improvements
The development process continues.
Updating the game mechanics and a integration of new elements.

Spring 2017

Performance improvements, fixing the bugs.

Summer 2017

Early access for premium users


Let's go live!
Estimated release date for Next.Land


Expansion release
First of the many regular expansions.
Focused on the simple microeconomics.