Next.Land is a free multiplayer city building game focused on casual players. Buy buildings, upgrade your properties, build your little empire and become a famous real estate leader. Based on the real world locations, your gaming experience will be more intense and more personal. The game is designed to be simple and easy to play. No download, no installation. In order to run Next.Land you need only a modern web browser.

Next.Land is still under development and it is coming in 2017

Until the release date, you can explore the game in the demo preview and become familiar with the basic gameplay features. You can visit more than 30 predefined demo locations. Make a quick survey and find out whether this game might be fun for you.

casual gameplay real world locations play online free for everybody
simple real multiplayer free
play few minutes a day areas you know the best make new friends no pays, no fees
At the beginning, Next.Land was only a small experiment to demonstrate amazing new possibilities of modern web browsers, especially WebGL technology. Over time, it has turned into a more complex project with a more significant purpose. Into a simple game designed for casual players.

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ways to support this game

Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are great ways to promote any project. Making an idea popular is often more important than any financial support. Of course, also raising funds for the project is a big help to provide better and faster development process. If you want to help Next.Land game to become a reality, please, visit one of the crowdfunding campaigns. There are also many other ways you can help. Talk about Next.Land, use social media, post comments or just tell your friends about the game. Your feedback is the most important for making this game better, more playable and more fun.



If you decide to support Next.Land by the crowdfunding platforms, there are rewards ready for you. As a project backer you can choose from two types of rewards - silver or gold premium account. Thank you for your support!

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Developer blog

things you may find useful

I blog about the game development and upcoming events. Check the actual progress, watch videos and find more details about Next.Land. Be the part of the game development process, share your ideas and help me improve this game. You may be interested in different aspects of the game development. Browse through the developer diary and find all the information you need.

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Next.Land is my personal project that I started developing in my free time. I am the creator and the only developer right now. I have always been interested in new technologies and in a gaming industry. After some experiments with WebGL technology I decided to create this game. Today, many games are almost a full time job. I don't like this. For this reason, my primary intention was to create a game that is simple, fun, free for everybody and not time consuming. I can not compete with top video game makers and bring you the ultimate gameplay, graphics or whatever. I just want to bring you a little bit of fun when playing this free game. I hope you will enjoy it.

juraj rolko

Juraj Rolko

game developer

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